DisneyLand Paris

After starting to write my last posts on DisneyWorld Orlando I started to get the Disney bug, but without the funds for a spontaneous trip over to the states I started to look closer to home. Having not been to Paris since I was a child or Disneyland I figured a trip was a must!


Packaging together EasyJet flights from Luton with a hotel from Superbreak the total cost including 2 days entrance into the parks came to £230 per person for the 4 nights.

Disneyland Paris is separated into two different parks Walt Disney Studios and Disneyland Park, the former not opening until 2002 almost 20 years after the first was opened in 1992. The Disneyland park is filled with all your favourite childhood rides like Peter Pan and Pinocchio however with the new introduction of the Studios has brought some more high thrill rides with it!

Disneyland Park

Who doesn’t love the magic of being a child again? My favourite out of the two parks really does make me feel like I’m 6 again! With 5 ‘Lands’ within the park… Fantasyland, Discoveryland, Adventureland and Frontierland there’s plenty to discover, and with each part having it’s own themes which have been portrayed very well!

Filled with family favourite rides like Dumbo’s flying Elephants, It’s A Small World, Mad Hatters tea cups and pirates of the Caribbean there is plenty of family rides however for those looking for the big thrill rides will not be disappointed with choices of space mountain, Indian Jones, and big thunder mountain!

With plenty of free opportunities to meet the characters (for those avoiding the costly character dining) in this park you can meet the classics from Mickey himself, Winnie The Pooh and now you are able to meet the princesses in Fantasyland (check daily programmes for exact times)

A new addition to the park in conjunction with the STAR WARS franchise there is also a Jedi training academy you are able to sign up for… To register, report to Videopolis as soon as you arrive to the park, Sixteen guests between the ages of 7 and 12 years of age will be selected for each show (no adults allowed I’m afraid… I did ask!)

Walt Disney Studios Park

Taking you behind the scenes of some of the most famous Disney movies this park has the best of both worlds, with plenty of indoor attractions for those rainy days. More suitable for those with slightly older children and adults this park has lots of shows, participation shows that may require a longer attention span and larger rides.

 With special effect shows like the Armageddon and the studio tram ride, these are designed with those in mind who like to see how the action is created! Taking you on what may become a bumpy ride experiencing earthquakes and fire showing you the visual effects behind your favourite Disney action movies!

As I mentioned before the park is also home to some of the bigger rides aimed at those thrill seekers, Including my mums favourite ‘The Tower Of Terror’ along you to plunge 13 stories down the shaft of the haunted building. Another firm favourite is Areosmith’s Rocking Rollercoaster taking you from 0-100km/h in 3 seconds this G-force ride is one of my favourites with the best soundtrack!

Those with the time will love the interactive ‘Art Of Disney Animation’ a fun sketch along with some of the Disney animators! With the chance to learn how to draw some of your favourite characters you are even able to keep your drawing as a souvenir, Be sure to visit more than once to get a chance to draw a different cartoon every-time!

* Be sure to log onto http://www.disneylandparis.co.uk/ to get your Disney kicks and help you plan your next trip in advance! *