Penang Street Art

Heading to Penang there is one thing you absolutely can not leave without seeing and that is the beautiful art hidden within the city of Georgetown located in the east of Penang Island.

We arrived from our beach resort via the Rapid Penang 101 bus for for 2.70RM per person and started our trip out from the bus terminal close to the jetty inwards.

To show you a little taste of the art within the city take a look at my shots below.

Honestly there is no wrong turn within Georgetown and there’s always something to be discovered, if however you like a list to tick be sure to pick up a map with the guide to follow either by popping into the local tourist information or from the airport.

I’ve saved a copy which you can load and refer back to without internet access.

Get the map here 


2017 New Years Resolutions

We all have them, whether we keep them or not is a different story….

This year I wanted to set myself something achievable, as my plans have fallen through to travel for 12 months again due to work commitments I’ve allowed myself to throw caution to the wind and given myself a larger budget for my annual trips. I was worried I may regret my choice not to quit my job and travel I’ve planned some awesome trips this year to make up for it!

So first things first the booked trips!

  • Dubai in Feb 2017
  • India in March 2017

Then what else I would like to achieve this year….

  • Read at least a book a month by joining a book club. I love a recommendation and go by other people’s opinions, I love to read but often find I don’t make the time unless I am travelling and then struggle to put it down. I’ve joined onto nomadic Matts booklist where an email is sent monthly with recommendations.

  • Travel more within the UK, a overnight break once a month with a touristy activity planned. I’m forever away from home and am often visiting friends up and down the country but as I’m visiting people who’ve done all there is to offer to many times in their home towns I think I need to mix things up a little and see about arranging something at a midway point! 

  • Wear my wardrobe. Does anyone else find they have racks and racks of clothes but stick to the same couple of things and fall back outfits? After spending a small fortune on my collection and less and less room to store it I figure some has got to go. My plan is to completely empty my wardrobe and only allow things back in once it’s been worn. Think the mess alone will drive me crazy but maybe it will inspire me to try different items together! 

  • Save more money. Luckily I am working full time and I work within an industry which can be notoriously lacking in its benefits, however my company offer fantastic perks within the job including free holidays. This year I want to take advantage of the offers and see if I can do a completely free trip on them! 

  • Write more. If I’m honest the last thing I want to do once I get back is start setting up the blog, I find it hard enough to write in my journal while I’m away. I know I need to spend the time and arrange great posts which people can enjoy and further their own trip experiences with.

  • Travel to a new continent. So this year I didn’t manage to achieve this and was on my list for 2016 so I do need to crack on with it this year! My aim was to get to South America finally… Maybe that should be the free trip I mentioned?!

  • Finally my last but not least is visiting 5 new countries before 2017 is out. To be honest I feel I’m cheating already on this as I’ve booked India and Dubai which are both new, but I do like a challenge so maybe I should aim for 5 after those… 

So there you have it, my 2017 resolutions! Has anyone got anything similar to me? I try to be fair to myself each year when I write these, I don’t like to set the bar to high I cant complete them all but I do like a challenge and to push myself to try something new.