Ricks Cafe, Negril Jamaica

Located on the west coast of Jamaica in the coastal resort of Negril is the world famous ‘Ricks Cafe’ 

In case you haven’t heard of Ricks, this bar is perched on the cliffs overlooking the Caribbean Seas… And is famous for its cliff jumpers and fabulous sunsets!

Believe it or not this voted 1000 places to see before you die brings in the tourists from around the world to jump from its 30 foot highest point. 

We had a long three hour transfer from Ocho Rios to make it over to Negril, which we paid approx. $40 US per person for, return. (Based on 9 people travelling) It is a killer journey & I am not sure I would recommend this to anyone not looking to spend a day out, we spent more time in a non airconditioned van than we did at ricks… 

Once we arrived the first thing we did was strip off & make our way to the jump platforms before it was to dark! I’m to chicken to even attempt the 30fts but did manage a 10 ft jump after a lot of persuasion 😉 There are professional lifeguards standing by and only allow jumps to happen while the sea is calm enough. You are expected to tip, even though they advertise it is a free attraction & there are a lot of people offering to do crazy jumps for something extra.

Ricks is everything you would expect from a Caribbean beach bar, it had a live band rocking the reggae beats, a fully stocked bar, and a food menu for those planning on spending a few hours.

My only complaint from the day was the service from the staff, for a culture renown for their happy, laid back attitude  I thought the staff were short tempered and came across very rude. When a service charge is automatically included you feel compelled to tip even if the service behind it wasn’t worth it. Often when I am on holiday I can forgive slow service as I’m as easy go lucky, but when all reviews bring this up I think it’s time the managers have a training session on customer service! 

That being said we still dined in the restaurant & the food was pretty good, although expensiv. You aren’t allowed to order side dishes at the advertised price ifyou aren’t having a main course & they charge a supplement for those who aren’t. I thought drinks were reasonably priced at approximately $10 + service for a cocktail, like their famous rum punch.