Things To Do In Marmaris, Turkey

One objection I get most commonly from customers is a worry there won’t be enough to see or do whilst on a holiday in Turkeys turquoise coast. However I’m here to prove that wrong with my top tips to see and do in the Marmaris and Icmeler areas.

With a 10 km volcanic sand and pebble beach linking the two resorts together it’s very easy to get between the popular resorts using a local dolmus bus, which costs less than a few pound per passenger. 

Pamukkale – Translated into “cotton castle” this series of mountainside terraces is where natural springs have solidified into snowy white stalactites which has evolved over thousands of years to create something quiet magnificent.

Approaching the cotton castle it almost comes out of nowhere and after a 3 hour coach journey its a welcome sight. It’s believed the water filled in the terraces can help alleviate rheumatism, asthma and is to be good for the eyes. 

A must do for anyone after an awe inspiring day trip. With the added option to acess cleopatras pool, where waters are believed to make swimmers look 10 years younger. This natural rock pool is filled with beautiful clear waters it’s easy enough to spilt your time between the two attractions. Prices from £42.

Marmaris Castle – located above a steep climb through narrow winding streets the mission to the castle can be time consuming but expect the see the most fantastic views as your reward, out to to the marina. The ottoman fortress now serves as a museum after being having few touch ups in previous years. The museum and cattle grounds are closed on Mondays.
Turtle Spotting – the Dalyan river is often home to two species of turtle, the Caretta-Carretta and the Loggerhead. Taking to the river, boat trips will often float along the river toward Iztuzu beach where you’ll be wide-eyed trying to catch a glimpse of the turtles… Often they will swim up to the boats, curious before taking a breath and diving beneath the water. Luckily the waters are very clear which helps make them easy to see. Travelling to Iztuzu beach may have you spotting nesting turtles, as the beach is known protected nesting area. There are also Lica. Turtle rescue centres are are able to pay to visit where very knowledgeable volunteers teach you about these beautiful sea creatures. Prices start from £24.

Visit A Turkish Bath – Having never experienced a hammam or Turkish bath before I was in for a surprise… They say to start your holiday in Turkey with this spa treatment will prepare your skin for a lasting tan. Staring in the Hamman (basically a steam room) you’ll prepare your skin by softening and realising toxins. Then your taken to a room where you’ll lie on warmed marble (normally heated by the sun through a sky light) and given an exfoliating body scrub and an olive oil soap massage. I did come out feeling very relaxed and is a sure fire way of setting you up for that holiday-relaxed feeling. Prices start from £10.


Gulet Day Cruises – Take in the sights from the comfortable setting of a traditional Turkish wooden sailing boat. With plenty of great snorkelling and swimming opportunities in the local area it would be a shame to miss out on a turkey local experience. Generally including your lunch and drinks it makes an affordable and value driven day out. Prices start from £30.
Icmelers Wednesday Market – Where else can you improve on those great bartering skills!? Selling a range of products from Turkish delight, designer fakes, jewellery and hand crafted goods here are where you will find better valued souvenirs and bring money into the locals pocket. Don’t be frightened to barter, I know it can seem daunting and even frightening but it is a way of life here in, as in a lot of countries in the world. Take it as part of the experience and a good rule of thumb is to half the price offered and to increase if necessary to the pride you desire. Don’t lose faith, chance sare they will drop their price or you’ll be able to come to a comprise. However if you are happy with the price offered don’t feel the need to get it lowered, some stall holders will offer a fair price straight off the bat and sometimes we are only bartering over the sake of pennies, when in the scheme of things won’t make much of a difference to your pocket as it would to theirs… Take the local dolmas bus to visit for the most inexpensive trip.

Visit Cleopatra Island – Only a short 30 minute journey by boat will bring you to this beautifully created island for her majesty herself. With sands brough over from Egyot with soft white sand beached island is popular for day trippers due to its short journey time. Prices start from £25.

Sunset Harbour Cruises – without explanation witness some of turkeys finest sundowners with a great view and a drink in hand. Prices from £12

Take A Walk Through Icmelers Forest – With lots of different routes to take, climb to the tops of the forest for some of the best views out on the bay’s. Not all walking tracks are guided or signposted so ensure you tell someone before walking. Speak to the locals who’ll be happy to tell you about the local areas vantage points.